just so you guys cant act like you didn’t know…

Ok, so after you’ve read this post, you no longer can claim ignorance too just how dangerous getting “BBFS” really is! I get a lot of guys, who actualy think not getting BBFS from a provider is a big enough deal-breaker too not even want too meet her (if she wont). Whats the big deal? you have had plenty of unprotected sex before and you’ve never had as much as the smallest pimple anywhere near your crotch!! besides its not YOU who we need too be worrying about burning anyone! your a married man! Me and the rest of the girls in my industry are the ‘dirty’ ones! and what ind of idiot would have sex with ANYONE, let alone a SW who is showing signs of an STD? only some on really desperate would stop that low!

let me just attack the fuck out off all of these piss poor excuses for ‘excuses’ of why its safe for you and I to skip condoms..

first off, a lot of people don’t actually ever develop signs and symptoms that stem from being infected with an STD! most people show No symptoms while infected with clamydia! the only way too know you are infected would be too get a test, which isn’t something most people would do between every single partner the have, unless they suspect somethings going on!! heres another very real fact, less than %50 of women infected with gonorheaa will show outward signs or have any symptoms! Did you know %15 percent of American adults have genital herpes? or that they can pass the infection on to their partners ,without even once having a breakout themselves!!! it gets worse! %45 percent of American adults have genital warts stemming from an HPV (human papilloma virus) most of them will not develop any warts, but getting pelvic inflamatory disease or even FUCKING CANCER is a hell of a consulation prize! syphillis, another asymptomatic STD, can be lurking within a perfectly healthy person undectected for decades, until it attacks your nervous system and rotts your face TF of your body!!

Are you still confident that you will be able too tell an infected partner apart from a clean one? well how about just asking the girl beforehand whether or not she is clean? isnt it a law that a person has too tell you they have an std before sex? well laws do exist in some states that make people with certain types of uncurable Infections responsible for being transparent about their status as’infected’ and disclosing it too any partner before engaging in sex acts!! Im going too just come out and say a lot girls in the escorting scene aren’t trustworthy, law abiding citizens….especially if being honest means they wont be making money until they can get the STD treated (if they even know they have something) besides in the sex industry, admitting that you have an STD too the wrong person could be career suicide!! And this is before addiction is mentioned!! Do you think your wellbeing is something that an addict will prioritize above getting money for the next fix?

Well, you still are sticking too your guns about not wanting too use a condom!! Its almost like you sort of like the thrill that comes from playing chicken with your genitals and their future functionality !! You could walk away unscathed OR you might lose the ability too have sex because the STD your too smart too catche’s symptoms leave you sterile!! But you know the risk, but you are actually SUPER careful because your married!! Its not just your health at risk, it’s your entire life and family on the line if you were too catch something and pass it too your wife!!! well, it seems like your socioeconomic standing and marital status isnt something that bacteria and viruses take into consideration b

fore deciding who they’re going too make sick! and since its awfully fishy for a “monogamous” husband too be scheduling regular STD screenings or get and hide everything involved in the Treatment of your new STD!!

Its really funny how many guys use marriage as the proof of their immunity too STDS!! if you were monogamous, that would make sense, but your opening line, when. Contacting a Sex worker and complete stranger for their services is whether or not it’s okay too skip the precautions people take too avoid catching something!!! Clearly this isn’t your first Bareback hoe rodeo if you won’t even consider partners who use protection!

Your cock isnt too enormous too use a condom, condoms come in different sizes too solve this problem! The average sized condom will easily stretch too fit and cover my whole size 8 foot and half my shin COMFORTABLY!!!

Not all condoms dull the feeling, invest in a $6 box of 18 lifestyle ‘skyn’ condoms, they really feel like nothing!! And irregardless the brand of choice, always make sure your buying the right size !!

You know what’s also bad? Plagiarism and not crediting your sources!! Heres an article on , which is where the FACTS about asymptomatic STDs I cited in this post!!! Author-


Oh yeah, and it’s easy as fuck too put a condom on a completely flaccid penis, I can do it with my mouth, hands free. Dont try me with that lameshit!!!