what is the snachat premium shit all about?

*first off, when you pay me for your subscription, the first thing that I do is save your contact in my phone with a little crown emoji and the date of your subscriptions expiration, so I know who of my snap chat friends are premium and who isn’t (my phones contacts are synced with snap chat, so ill see your name in my phone instead of a screen name from snap chat, so i know too make sure I prioritize my premium friends by;

  1. priority message/ phone call response- when you call me or text, Ill respond too your attempt to contact me before anyone else’s, helping me out with the next benefit
  2. priority scheduling– say if you and another client want too do an appointment at the same time, then you will always be my first choice , irregardless of whether or not they want an hour appointment and you only want a half hour, it doesn’t matter. you come first.
  3. special rates– my premium friends get too keep a special price that doesn’t ever change for as long as the membership is active. ..
  4. double your tickets in a raffle- I’m bringing back my raffles!!! when you buy a ticket, as a premium member then ill double your entries therefore doubling your shot at winning a free date with me
  5. we can do snap chat live shows for a discounted cash app or pay pal payment exclusive too premium members
  6. ill let you know what my new cam name is and what site that im camming on these days, after having too change it too separate from the morons I had mentioned in the last article

monthly/$25—- yearly/$75—- lifetime/$150 payable with cashapp and paypal- send me a text and Ill get you signed up, paid up and ready too enjoy!! 330-802-2714

Im pretty sure that this ‘premium membership’ thing is going too be a permanent feature for the rest of my time escorting, otherwise wouldn’t have made ‘lifetime memberships’ A thing! just like in any other good thing that comes along, there always manages too be one jack ass who will try too exploit/abuse it/ruin it for everyone else and when that jack ass comes along trying too fuck around with my premium membership stuff, I will cancel their subscription and not give a refund!! I really really try and do the right thing by my clients and don’t want too get a bad reputation as a con artist who takes money for shit they cant follow thru with, and I really don’t want too ever have too cancel a premium membership, but I totally will if you are that much of a jack ass!!

no refunds!! see my article ‘im not a thief and heres the proof’ I wrote a while back about how I was screwed over by giving this jerk a refund, because the phrase ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ exists for a reason!!…. so i’m sorry, no refunds, no exceptions


im back!

so, as many of you probably know, decided too give the webcamming thing a try..I thought that I was good enough with computers, how hard can it be too set up a live stream!!? the streaming platforms, look super easy ! just press the button that says start the show, then turn on your audio and masturbate as fans shower you in tips and extravagant gifts!! well,I was completely wrong about literally every single thing I had assumed ! I began combining my camming persona and information on my ads on ‘’, foolishly believing it was a good way of attracting traffic and paying clients, in addition too simplifying the verification process. The idea was, if they just visited my chatroom using the link I shared for it my ads, as well as my username that they could have just searched for on the site! hAHAHA! how foolish of me to assume that instead of asking for ‘verification ” pics and playing 21 paranoid questions via text, that clients would prefer just watching me LIVE too confirm that Im really who I say I am, or buying one of my 10 videos, liking what they saw, and after contacting me, patiently waiting for a response. BECAUSE THEY JUST SAW, IN REAL TIME THAT I WAS BUSY !!! Nobody wants too watch a girl text or listen too her 1 sided phone calls, they came too see a cam show!! NO, that wouldn’t be any fun! that’d be making it too easy on me! why n ot up the anty and call back to back until I answer so they stop fucking up my phone which is controlling the Bluetooth toy Im using during my show!!.. disregard how I said “im live, doing a show cant talk!!” and just keep fucking going until I’m so pissed off that it’s affecting my attitude on camera in an un-hidable way until I have too log off calm down so I don’t lose my shit live on chaturbate!! Good job! because now you’re the last person I want to respond too at all after you forced me to take a break! even guys who weren’t tech-savvy enough too click the link got in on the fun too, because they figured they can just call or text me too ask me to explain, in painstaking detail, the concept of webcamming as a whole. it’s not like there’s some search engine that exists where you can literally just type in whatever question about anything on earth and then get 100 pages worth of answers!!! Google and some random escort who is familiar with the camming business are one and the same? right? there’s just so many reasons that including my camming information in the ADs on skip was a huge mistake, I could probably write a harry potter series -sized saga of complaints about how bad of an idea such a simple-seeming gesture turned out to be, but I’m already starting too feel my blood pressure rising as I’m typing this blog post, so I’m going too wrap it up now by saying that I am keeping my webcam persona and the new site that Im on a secret, If you want a live show then we can schedule a snap chat live or skype show payable thru cash app or Paypal.



I got robbed by a client. He got my purse full….Makeup as well as my phone. So im using my app #2348051203 … I keep calling my phone and the asshole is pressing the fuck you button on me!! My phones completely locked up, the only thing he can do with it is accept calls!!! Well jokes on him because my phone goes off 24/7 and its annoying as fuck!! Im just kidding, its not even remotely funny or cool too do me like that. im trying too get prepared too be a full time single mom and I know that my opportunities too work are

going too be drastically reduced so i really dont want too spend $ after i just got a new phone 3 days ago. Idk if you guys know what make up costs but I had a kat von d eyeshadow and a two faced pallett in my purse!!! Thats $80ish right there worth of make up in addition too all the smaller things sych as eyeliner foundation etc… I love my makeup and spend a small fortune on it. This fucking sucks


I am a person too.

look, I host from my home and I do understand that coming into a woman whos a stranger that you met online’s home, is absolutely a scary thing. I get that and I want too make sure you feel relaxed enough too enjoy yourself, so When I have a guy on the way, ive been asking my roommate too leave shortly before the expected appointment too make sure nothing unnerving( like any noise from a room thats supposedly empty) that can happen, doesnt happen. Im asking if you can put yourselves in my shoes for one second and try to imagine being me?? I litterally drop anything else Im doing or planned on doing. Too make sure im ready, the house is clean and my roommate was given a fair warning and opportunity to drop everything they may Have had going on and humor me by leaving when 50% its for no reason because ths guy was playing games tbe whole time!! I END up getting yelled at for something I have zero control over in addition too having Alot of my time wasted!!! I may not be perfect myself but I DO TRY. I am who I say i am, I clean and prep like a maniac in anticipation of your arrival , I always wear cute lingerie and have my make up done. And I DELIVER THE SERVICE !! Thats alot more than you can say about half of the girls on here. One thing thats never and. Will never be said about me is that I robbed or harmed any client. I want your money and id only be able too get it once if I play you!!Im really trying too cater too you guys. And its honestly sort of wearing on me too the point im considering just seeing clients ive already established only and dancing again. At least the club closes and work is over at a set time!!



A list of things you should know, the most important things are that; Id rather just say it myself rather than having potential clients read a fucked up review and be leary of coming too see me!! If any of the things im saying here are. A deal breaker for you, at least you found out in advance ! A list of things you should know, the most important things are that; I have an english mastif, hes my Big love bug and very protective of me!!! I put him in my bathroom before you come inside, Ill then have you walk upstairs and when your upstairs I let him out.only once did he follow me up (hes older) and waited outside my door. The guy that was there when the dog followed me upstairs? My dog was FREAKING OUT barking when he came in! I trust my dogs judgement so if my dog doesnt like you then I cant see you, periiod.
I have a room mate. Youll never meet the roommate UNLESS you fucked up bad!! Trust me, i dont want any proble su yt? Mm Theres a couple phrases thatr i text over and over again every day and im sqick of doing that so ive made text pictures too send instead. If you get a picture from me, please make sure you open it!!

Ultimate GFE

So I had another Idea, and im gunna throw it out there too get you guy’s feedback on whether you’d be interested or not, I want your feedback! So for the idea, Im thinking of offering an ‘ultimate girlfriend’ experience which could be incall or outcall apppointment that would last multiple hours and our time together. will include things like me wearing a. Sexy outfit while I make you dinner and drinks (I am a good ass cook, beleive it or not) then Ill clean everything up aftrwards, followed by more drinks +cuddling but unlike your actual girlfriend/ex I will cater to your wants (within reason) with my full undivided attention, and then after a relaxing evening Ill just let you contact me afterwards too reschedule if you want too. And you will .

Like 4-6 long for$ 500? Its a unique service that I havent seen any other provider do anything remotely similar too, in addition to the fact that. im actually an OCD cleaner and can make kick ass food and enjoy doing both!

Even if you just want a sexy maid or bartender with benefits, hmu



I dont want too completely throw my business out there so heres a Blunt, watered down version;

Ive made some huge changes & dropped bad people and habits and im almost 30 days into it and honestly its great in some ways and not in others. One positive thing that comes from this change is that I dont need as much money. Im not seeing just anyyone too get money asap because getting ready is extremely hard for me because of my knee. I dont want too see guys without trying too look good and making sure the incall is clean and presentable first…so im not putting the effort in for less than $100!! I host incalls in akron and im doing outcalls too!! Id prefer too only see trusted regulars BUT im still seeing new guys as long as they re coming thru for a hh or more!!



My Outcall rules

Hey im back too offering outcalls and car play!!!

Car play is a good idea if you know youre going too be quick, from past experience with me or speculation. No its not fs.

Outcalls however, are fs. They are always $100 or more and I require that you be responsible for my transportation too you at the very least. You have too order and payfor the uber/lyft that will bring me too You, as a security deposit type of thing. It lets me know your serious about doing the appointment!! If you read this site youve probably read some rants ive posted in the past about how many fake/flakes contact me and dont show up too my incalls, so how what about doing outcalls would be different? Youd really have to be committed too your ding dong ditch shenanigans too be willing too actually Pay The uber just too annoy me… Yes this is an added expense but its worth paying for if it makes you feel more comfortable or safe too play on home turf!


Watch out, guys!!!seriously, read this!!!

I was contacted via the email feature thru STG by a man who was very adamant in trying too get me too agree to do sex acts with him in exchange for money(💯)

Well this guy has emailed me literally everyday for a week now with the same message amd get this, he wants too meet at the waffle house,on whipple (canton) hes in a black ford escape and a cavs hat and can only use email too contact me because his phones broke😂

So Respond too all this by saying “nice try officer”

And then all the sudden he throws a few swearwords and acts scandalized that he could even be accused of being a cop(all previous messages used proper grammer & spelling )

And that yes he can totally prove hes real if i call and ask him if hes a cop or not(yes, the police can lie to you) all the sudden now hes able too use a phone.

also he tells me how dumb i am for missing out in his insultingly frugal offer(lol)

Heres how i want you to use this info;

First off do not meet any provider at the waffle house on Whipple

The phone number he wanted me too call was 330 4**2999, so dont contact any providers that are using that #

Watch out for black ford escapes especially if a guy in a cavs hat is driving it near the place your supposed to be meeting any provider AND IF YOU SEE OR FEEL ANYTHING that seems suspicious you shoul keep calm , leave and then contact me or who ever it is you were going too see and let them know whats going on ASAP too keep Everyone safe!! This email was just so full of red flags, in my opinion

My freedom isnt worth any amount of money. Ive learned alot from the times it was taken away. I read the Ohio revised code book out of curiosity and boredum. Ive never been in trouble for any crime related too escorting, ever. Ive been around since 2014, so that should count for me doing something Right. Sure ive probably turned down ALOT. Of good guys and lost money due too my own, incorrect paranoia but thats fine by me as long as Im a free woman working on and very close too getting the bad marks against me wiped off my record and moving forward in life legitimately!!!

Your safety should be as important too you as it is too me. And trust me about how much I care, because youd be leading them to me too.think with your brain guys.

💯➡ (I sell my time, like a therapist or lawyer can and thats %100 legal.anything that happens, during our time together is because we are both consenting adults.)



When you bought that $20 entry too the raffle you invested your money and trust into me, and I want too make sure you wont regret doing that!! Contact me for your refund, you can get it in several ways. Heres your options;

💲 im having issues with paypal (my accounts limited) so i can meet you in person and give you the actual cash

💲im starting a new raffle too make up for the failed one➡ $10 entry too win 1 hr appointment with me, so i can give you 2 entries in that one for the $20 you already spent

💲 or you can get a $30 discount on any length of appointment from me!!

Contact asap too claim your refund, and be sure too leave a good review after you get the refund to let everybody know I’m Legitimate!!